Thursday, December 8, 2016

New beginning

Today begins a new era for me.  From 2008 - 2011, I posted blog entries in "Tew's Life on the Bayou."  Then, I retired from the USDA-ARS, and Judy and I moved to Tennessee, into an intentional community on the Cumberland Plateau, in the town of Tracy City.  What lured us here was the opportunity 1) to live in an intentional community surrounded by families with similar goals, 2) to cut down on our expenses by living a simple lifestyle, and 3) to be surrounded by the sheer beauty that Tennessee offers.  As a bonus, at the time, the move to Tennessee also brought us closer to our grandchildren, who were then living in Indiana.

It's tough to admit it, but I didn't handle retirement very well, and sort of went underground for nearly six years of my life.  But I'm back now, stronger, but more humble and appreciative than ever.  I thank all of you who wondered whatever happened to me, for your patience.  And for those who helped me back, especially my wife, Judy, I can't begin to express the depth of gratitude for all you did to get me through this vortex in my life, to where I am today.  The transformation from where I was as recently as a month ago is astounding to me.  I will describe it in more detail later, because several elements had to come together in my life simultaneously, like a perfect storm, to bring about this transformation.  In a way, I feel like Scrooge, who woke up giddy, because he realized that he was still in this life, that there was time to make amends and then do the best he could to make up for lost time.  The things that I dreaded as recently as a few weeks ago, such as engaging in Blogging and Facebook, visiting families, going out with missionaries, going to activities, traveling, participating in community projects, even communicating long-distance with friends and family, are things that I now look forward to with great anticipation.

So from here on out, I will be posting blog entries into this new blog, entitled "Tew's Life on the Cumberland Plateau."  I will do my utmost to give family and friends some flavor of what it is like to live a simple life in a close-knit community in the Cumberland Region of Tennessee.

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