Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In Memory of My Sister, Lynette Tew (1949-1969)

My Dad, Burton E. Tew, Sr. had a family of five children when his first wife, Leah Lundell Tew, died from Tetnus (lock jaw).  Dad was 43 and Leah was 40 at the time, and their five children ranged from nearly 15 (Burton Jr) to 2 years old (John).  Just under four years later, Dad (46) married my mother, Mary LeRoy (39).  They had two children together, myself (Jan 1948) and my sister, Lynette (Dec 1949).  Thus, Lynette is my only full-blooded sibling.

H.S. sophomore year

Lynette lived life to its fullest growing up. She enjoyed being outdoors, was into sports, especially volleyball, and loved music.  Notwithstanding her popularity in school, I don't remember anyone in my life who more courageously stood up for those who were underprivileged or were being discriminated against. Her life was cut short, when, as a junior at Brigham Young University at age 19, it was discovered that she had a malignant brain tumor.  She lived only two weeks beyond the discovery.  In her memory, I have posted eight photos of her.  I think it is fitting that she was born in the month of December ('49) and died in the month of June ('69), as did the Prophet Joseph Smith.

H.S. senior year

Lynette was buried in the Springville/Mapleton Evergreen Cemetery in Utah, near her father and mother.

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